Preparing the Adventurist

The Benefits of Preparation Camps

By: Ariel Santillan

000018303254WPsmallA study from the British Journal of Sports Medicine on the demographics and training characteristics of adventure racers and athletes found that an injury was reported in 73% of the participants.  The injuries were sustained mainly as a result of the nature of the terrain over which these athletes compete and overuse of certain muscles, without the proper recovery protocols.  The study found that a small proportion of training time was spent developing flexibility and core stability, leading to the common injuries.

Exploration Fitness uses the science behind every adventure activity to help prepare each participant for their adventure or race, regardless of how extreme the obstacles are.  Our initial preparation camps focus on strengthening supporting muscles that are most overused among the natural terrain, as well as improving core stability and inter/intra muscular coordination.

This in turn helps individuals develop the strength and conditioning required for their body to function as one unit and supports the functional exercises that awaits them on their journeys.  Our athletic team initiates the same protocols we would throughout a sports performance program, since both require specific physical requirements, as well as preventative measures to avoid injury.

The greatest component in our preparation camps is our initial comprehensive screen that allows us to identify weaknesses and strengths in every individual, from the amateur thrill seeker to the adventure pro.   This enables our team to deliver improved performance to even the most inexperienced participant, giving them the possibility to safely explore the wildest adventures on the planet.

“Overall, our clients are stronger, more flexible and ultimately increase their adventure lifespan.”

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