Nutrition For Success

Tips for Staying Healthy and Fit

By: Ariel Santillan


Nutrition is such an important start to any lifestyle change because it is the source of all functions. If you’re starting an exercise program, nutrition will be the difference within your exercise sessions in terms of energy, recovery and overall metabolism. After all, there is nothing motivating about not having the energy nor focus to get through an exercise! An important factor here is the type of nutrition you consume – and its quality. Although the average person may often overlook this importance, it is critical that we remember its impact on our health.  Higher quality food gets received better in our bodies and provides a lot more nutrients once it’s broken down. In this article, I will go over three sections of nutrition:  1) Proper start to the day, 2) Essential Daily Nutrition and 3) Nutrition for Fat Loss.  These guidelines will help you get off on the right foot:

1. Proper Start to the Day:  It is important to remember that the way we start off our day, will impact the rest of it! Let’s start by making certain we cover two key areas – concentration and energy levels.  Stay away from cereals and juices, as the sugar loads will begin a roller coaster of cravings and energy crashes throughout your day.  Stick with these suggestions for the mornings:

  • Drink three tall glasses (just over a liter) of fresh water, upon awakening, to help rehydrate the brain and enhance nutrient exchange within the body. No plastic bottled water as the toxins from the plastic has negative effects on energy levels and cognitive function.
  • Spending about thirty minutes of alone time reflecting, performing active stretching or practising some meditation techniques . I also use this time to write down the goals that matter most to me – to help stay focused.
  • Consume a breakfast that fuels concentration and energy levels for the rest of the day! This includes naturally raised, vegetable grain-fed proteins with some good fats like nuts or avocado and some gluten-free fiber to help regulate insulin all day.
  • Consume two organic limes to help alkalize the body throughout the day, as work and environmental stress – like traffic, work load, toxins, etc – tend to put the body in an acidic state which impairs mental clarity.

2. Essential Daily Nutrition:  Making certain that our body receives the “baseline” vitamins and minerals is imperative for healthy function, good mood and necessary detox.  We simply do not consume enough micro-nutrients or essential fatty acids in our diets, especially if we’re restricting calories at some point.  In a society that is seeing poorer quality of food than ever before, I sometimes suggest looking to supplements – as long as they come fromUnknown a reliable source.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Consume a quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement – free of soy, gluten, dairy, yeast, sweeteners, sodium selenite, selenate, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide. Multi-vitamins supports the elimination of toxins that are stored in fat and help balance our diets.
  • Consume a quality fish oil product to support cognitive function, promote fat loss and control inflammation in the body.
  • Consume a quality greens drink to help get our vegetable intake up – as most of us don’t get a chance to eat ten plates of veggies per day.  Macrolife Greens and Greens Plus Raw are some good choices.
  • Consume healthy organic fats! Avocado, butter, nuts, organic coconut oil, olive oil and more.  These healthy fats are required for fat loss, staying mentally sharp and feeling great!
  • Stick with naturally raised and grass fed meats and game as these animal-derived nutrients are necessary to sustain healthier hormone balance and stress responses. I also recommend wild, local and fresh fish. Make sure your meats are free of GMOs, antibiotics and gluten.
  • Consume prebiotics (soluble fibre blends), probiotics and enzymes daily to support healthy digestion.

group with weight training equipment on sport gym

3. Nutrition for Fitness:

Many people find themselves working hard in the gym, with or without a personal trainer, and still find that they are not fully achieving strength and fat loss goals.  The main reason this happens is because people forget to consume the nutrition required for the muscles to grow.  The more muscle, the better the ability to lose fat.  Here are a few things I suggest to improve your fitness accomplishments:

  • Sports recovery drink before, during and after workouts.  It should include  free form amino acids, as well as, B-vitamins and glutamine to provide muscle repair and support cognitive function throughout exercise. 
  • Rotate your protein shake sources to avoid becoming intolerant to them – which does more harm than good.
  • Consume Vitamin D3 to improve performance and to help with insulin resistance – which I find to be one of the major reasons clients have a hard time achieving optimal results from their training regime.

Whether you are a busy executive looking to improve your productivity, an athlete looking to make the team or a mom trying to find the energy to play with your kids, nutrition is the ROOT of all success.

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