Eat Right, Live Right!

A Deeper Look at Tailored Nutrition

By: Ariel Santillan


Let’s begin by acknowledging that millions of people out there, each day, are in search of the one thing that’s going to get them leaner, stronger and healthier… The one thing that will provide a quick and easy fix to their health and fitness needs.  Here is the truth: there is no one thing, there is simply the commitment to understanding what your body needs and how you’re going to provide for these needs.

Ever wonder why it is so hard for some people to achieve results, despite their efforts? It’s understandable that people who don’t train or eat healthy foods may be overweight, depressed and unhealthy, but what about the ones who put forth the efforts and still get no results. What are they doing wrong? The truth is, people are simply NOT tailoring their nutrition to meet specific needs, which we all have – whether it’s an athlete, firefighter or busy mom.

The first thing you should do is throw out any gimmick diets you may have lying around, I won’t name any here but you know the ones.  Then you will need to consider  your timetable.  Yes. Scheduling is very important in a nutrition plan as it will require scheduling meals and snacks accordingly.  Priority will play a big role here. You  will need to prioritize eating meals and snacks, rather than scheduling back-to-back appointments all day that don’t allow you to eat frequently, as this causes your body to store fat!  Next thing, eliminate any sugar that doesn’t come from real food. I don’t think I need to explain why sugar is harmful and more addictive than cocaine.  Read about it in The Sugar Blues.

I would then look at food intolerances, which are present when IgG antibodies attach themselves to food and create what’s known as “antibody-antigen complexes”. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad food choice that causes the antibody-antigen complex to form.  As you continue to consume that reactive food, the complexes accumulate and eventually get stored into tissue, causing inflammation and the release of harmful chemicals in your body responsible for fat storage, depression, joint pain, gut issues and much more.  People with poor gut function and compromised immune systems are more susceptible to getting these food allergies. While you’re testing for food allergies, get a simple blood test as well, to look at key values, like 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and Folate and a Complete Blood Count, as these can help your practitioner identify any underlying deficiencies that may pose a problem afterwards.

Next, you’ll want to ensure that you have healthy enzymatic activity to support proper appetite, digestion, absorption, sleep and overall performance.  You can achieve this by increasing two key minerals into your diet like magnesium and zinc, since they activate the most amount of enzymes within our bodies and assist in very important biochemical reactions responsible for things like managing stress and fat loss.  Although some professionals (if any) will tell you that we can achieve adequate amounts of these minerals by consuming a balanced diet, research shows us that close to 80% of our population have low magnesium and zinc levels and it probably has something to do with the 2 billion pounds of chemical pesticides used every year, as opposed to the 200,000 pounds allowed 50 years ago!  Eventually, an imbalance in mineral levels will contribute to ineffective detox capabilities and hormone imbalance, which can be a real obstacle for healthy living.  If consuming magnesium and zinc supplements, ensure you see a practitioner to determine the proper dosage and stick to chelated magnesium and zinc.

Starting a nutrition plan is not simple and I have seen some people struggle more than others.  The ones that succeed are typically the ones that equip themselves with more information. After all, we are very unique individuals with different needs. Another important factor is being realistic with your timetable and your food sources because you will not be successful eating only 3 times per day and filling up on gluten free breads, yogurts, cereals and fruit… I don’t care how organic they are.  Educate yourself today about what your body needs in order to get the very best out of any nutrition plan.


  • CHEW your food!  I like to use the saying “Drink your food and chew your water.” The act of mastication increases enzymes in the mouth responsible for the primary steps in digestion. The more you chew, the better it is received in the gut soon after.
  • If purchasing gluten free products, buy organic ones that are GMO free and contain no sugar.  Gluten free products are known to contain low quality grains and loads of sugar to make up for the taste
  • Eliminate sugar completely.  Sugar has close to 60 popular names and some of them organic. You don’t need any of them
  • Schedule your meals and snacks ahead of time, as it may be difficult to include within your existing busy timetable
  • Include two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar daily as it helps regulate insulin and assists in fat loss
  • Eat organic local foods that are “in-season” to promote an ancestral-type diet that humans typically thrive on

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