Adventures for Team Building

A Healthy Journey to a Stronger Workforce

By: Ariel Santillan

IMG_0384Team building is one of the most important components in any successful organization. It is the willingness to cooperate and to coordinate all efforts – together – in order to achieve a common goal.  Teamwork is an effective tool that organizations commonly seek out in order to accomplish greater things-from financial gains to championship rings.

Exploration Fitness believes that team building experiences begin with each of our adventures and combine team building services with our healthy, physically challenging activities. This combination will help to enhance team experience and sense of accomplishment within each individual, which is essentially what all organizations strive towards achieving.

When individuals are placed into an outdoor adventure, they are stripped of all modern life conveniences and into a world where they are no longer bound by social customs, norms and corporate labels.  It is an opportunity to be as “raw” as you can be, which is where at times, all your best qualities lie.  It allows participants the chance to discover real capabilities, emotions and strengths they never knew existed.

Teamwork is harmonious cooperation that is willing, voluntary and free. Whenever the spirit of teamwork is the dominating influence in business or industry, success is inevitable. Harmonious cooperation is a priceless asset that you can acquire in proportion to your giving.” Napoleon Hill

As a wellness coach who has helped initiate team building programs within sports organizations and corporations, I find it advantageous to take these teams outdoors, away from closed walls, cubicles and computers and into a natural state where they can explore true teamwork with each other and where they ultimately “let their guard down”, which allows for open mindedness.  A research study from Harvard University’s MBA program also showed better productivity from outdoor team building trips and reported improved communication skills throughout.

IMG_0272smallThese challenging and rewarding adventure experiences allows participants to see one another as true equals, as they tackle and accomplish each activity together.  Anyone ever involved in a physically challenging program or experience can attest that there is something quite satisfying about achieving physical improvement and even more in sharing those experiences with your peers.   Our adventure experiences help instill the basic elements of teamwork – similar to sports team training – as participants need to prepare, motivate and work together to accomplish wonderful journeys.  For participants that find adventure activities to be outside of their comfort zone, each of our adventure experiences include the proper preparation and instruction for all levels of experience to ensure everyone succeeds at all activities.

IMG_1994smallAll of our team building adventures include a preparation component, challenging obstacles, relaxation/meditation sessions and of course team building activities that encourage productivity.   We provide an environment that generates stronger relationships amongst majestic landscapes and unforgettable accomplishments and provide everything an organization requires in order to build a stronger workforce.

For more information about our upcoming Team Building Adventure Experiences, contact us at and let us help you build a strong team.


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